We are a family owned and operated mattress store.

We provide a selection of high quality and affordable mattresses. Give us a call or come on in and say hi :-)


902 W. Pioneer Pkwy
Suite #108
Grand Prairie, 75051

Hours: 12 - 7pm Daily

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About Us

We are a family owned and operated!

Like many family-owned businesses, we are interested in the people we hire and reach out to the community in order to better serve it. Bringing quality products and a good value to our customers is the best marketing vehicle we employ. We believe in it. Quality at a great price, in addition to friendly customer service, means our customers leave our store feeling good about their purchase. They will tell their family and friends and coworkers about Best for Less Mattress Company. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of advertising there is because a happy customer is the best way and quickest way to build a good reputation and build a customer list that is based in our community.

We Believe in Quality at the Best Price

Quality. It drives our desire to improve your sleep. It is important for a mattress to be made properly with the right materials. If it is, it will result in a better, more peaceful night of rest. And that’s why we have made it our mission to help your family sleep soundly every night.

Simply because the one third of your life you are in bed, you deserve a mattress that transforms those 8 hours into a restful, good night’s sleep.

To us, it’s more than just a bed. It’s where you go to recharge your mind and body. It is the place where you escape into a deep sleep with no aches, pains or discomfort. It is vital to your health, home and family life. How you feel when you wake up will affect everything you do in the day ahead.

   How you feel when you wake up says a lot about the night you had and the day to come.


Sleep 101

Here are some reasons why getting a good night of sleep will improve the quality of your life.

Keeps your figure

Maintaining a healthy weight is easier when you get a good night's sleep.Not getting the correct amount of sleep can cause you to put on weight because it slows down your metabolism. A study by scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden suggests that getting plenty of sleep could prevent weight gain.

It helps you to better concentrate

We have all waken up after a good night's sleep ready to take on the world. But, a night spent tossing and turning  can leave you struggling to focus all day. Two thirds of people attribute their irritability to lack of sleep.

You will be in a better mood

Lack of sleep causes tiredness. Of course, being tired usually has an adverse affect on people's moods and it also impacts people's judgment, ability to solve problems and decreases creativity.

You're less likely to get ill

Not getting enough sleep can suppress your immune system, which  leads to more infections.  Studies have found that  not sleeping seven hours a night increases the risk of catching common colds.

You won't forget as much

While in a deep sleep, our brains collect impressions of the day which is important so that the brain can process the important formation of memories.